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PHD Thesis

Lalan Kumar Microphone Array Processing for Acoustic Source Localization in Spatial and Spherical Harmonics Domain
Karan Nathwani Spectral Methods for Single and Multi Channel Speech Enhancement in Multi Source Environment

M-TECH Thesis

A Srinivas Feature Tagged Incidence Graphs for Speech Processing
Anurag Maheshwari Unsupervised Multimodal Methods for Speaker Diarization in Meeting Environments
Arpit Mathur Parametric Spectral Ratio Methods for Detection and Recognition of Whispered Speech
Arpit Shukla Doubly Constrained Minimum Variance Beamforming Methods Using A Non-Reference Anchor Array
Bhargava M S Spectral Estimation of distant talking speech using the MVDR Method
Deepanshu Arora A Combined Approach to Speaker Verification using Claimant-Specific Phoneme Models
Dheeraj Kumar Soft Fusion methods for Multi Modal Speech applications
Dheerendra Tiwari Design and Development of an Intelligent Meeting Capture System Using Speaker Localization and Visual Feedback
Harish Padaki Single and multi channel speech enhancement using LP residual cepstrum
Kishore Vedavyasan Group Delay based methods for Detection and Recognition of Whispered Speech
Kuldeep Chaudhary Joint Error Optimization Algorithms for Multimodal Information Fusion
M Manikantha Phanikumar Un Supervised Multi Modal approaches to Multiple Speaker tracking
Mangesh Dilip Desai Speaker Diarization using adaptive clustering of multimodal feature patterns
N Srikanth Client-wise cohort set selection for Text-Independent speaker verification
Pranav Pandit Group Delay-Cross Correlation Methods for Single Channel Speaker Segregation
Pranjal Agrawal Rapid Prototyping of Advanced Signal Processing Applications
Pratik Vimal Audio-Visual Information Fusion Methods for In-Car Speech Recognition
Rohan Mandala Group Delay Based Methods for Robust Speech Source Localization using Shrinkage Estimator
Shivashankar Reddy Marri Probabilistic Detection Methods for Acoustic Surveillance using Audio Histograms
Sivaprasad B Signal Processing methods for Single and Multi channel Speaker segregation